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Since 1983 Tumi Music has been at the forefront of the vast and diverse field of Latin music. In that year whilst in Bolivia, Mo Fini,(mofini.com) founder of Tumi Music, heard the music of Rumillajta and in particular the poignant voice of Edgar Villarroel, and began to promote them. By organising the first ever European tour by an Andean folk band and releasing City of Stone, Rumillajta's groundbreaking debut album, Tumi Music was born. Taking our name from a ceremonial Inca dagger called the 'Tumi' (one of the most important symbols of heritage for Latin Americans) Tumi Music's objective is to present not only the very best of the popular sounds around such as Son and Salsa but also to build up an eclectic selection of excellent artists in as diverse fields as Cuban Conga and pre-Hispanic Ocarina music making it possible for these to continue and prosper.

Tumi Music has built up a solid reputation based on pro-active artist promotion, a large touring network, exciting recordings, quality packaging and a long term commitment to A&R, regardless of trends or the latest musical fads. Every Tumi Music album is a quality recording, produced by artists expert in their fields and mastered in the highest quality sound studios. Furthermore every production is a carefully thought-out project in itself: expertly designed and beautifully packaged. Today Tumi Music is regarded with the utmost loyalty and respect by all its musicians in Latin America. By realising the potential of various musical styles such as Andean folk music and Cuban music well before any of its competitors, Tumi Music has built up an enviable catalogue of over 300 albums  by some of the greatest artists in Latin American and Caribbean music. Since we owe much of our publishing as well as masters, we can offer you a truly one-stop shop for your needs. All Music Sales offices around the globe are experts in their fields and quick to respond and clear your requests.


Tumi Music (Editorial Limited) is the publishing wing of Tumi Music, which is affiliated to Music Sales UK, with offices in all major cities including: London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Madrid, Berlin and Copenhagen. All our publishing is managed worldwide by Music Sales.


Music Sales Film & TV Departments who managed Tumi Music Catalogue for publishing and synch creates opportunities for Cuban and Latin Music and licenses our catalogue of songs to film, television, advertising, computer games and stage productions. Tumi Music works closely with writers and Latin American bands to support their creative endeavours and both promote and protect their music at every stage of their career and hence producing authentic music and scores for all possible usage.

Diverse music, carefully created by composers, producers, instrumentalists and artists regularly featured on major streaming platforms.

We work directly with composers, arrangers & producers and record in our studios in Cuba and other Latin American countries.

We can compose and produce exclusive music in Cuba and other Latin American countries to a fraction of the price and for any budgets.


Among many  writers and performers are Cándido Fabré (Cuban son, Salsa), Yusimil Bridon (Yusa - Jazz, Fusion of trova), Edgar Villarroel (Andean melodies), Nedule Montwet (Papa Noel) (Conglese rumba) Chucho Valdes and Bobby Caracasses (Latin Jazz), Mauricio Venegas (Fusion of Andean and western melodies), Felix Baloy (Cuban Son), David Alvarez (Son,Trova,Salsa), Pedro Jesus Diaz (Salsa), Lucia Huerga, Domingo Candelaria, Alberto Flores, Josef Koumbas, Andy Gola, Sergio Lago Ortega, Papi Oviedo, Elio Reve, Alberto Tosca, Saldanha Rolim Forro-Brazil), Afro-Cuban All Stars, Omara Portuondo, Compay Segundo, Julio Montoro Y Alma Latina, Orquesta Arragon, Adelbaerto Alvares,Comapy Segundo,Tomezclao among others .

Our offices and studios in Cuba is managed by renown producers such as Julio Montoro,Goevinis Lopez, and Edesio Alejandro who has produced for Scatmans John, Gladys Knigth, , Steve Tyler, Britney Spears and Jhonny Ventura. He have tree Grammy nomination and is member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of United States and the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain.

We record with the ultimate variety of voices at the highest professional level, score preparation with meticulous proof reading, whether is a singer/song writer or symphony Orchestra , we take care and pride in our work.

Editing, mixing and mastering done by some of the best producers and sound engineers from Cuba, Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Mo Fini, the founder of Tumi Music oversees every step of recording and is in contact touch with clients during the production.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me: mofini@tumimusic.com

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